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Marketing Your Pet Care Business

Every business needs a marketing plan and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some inexpensive and easy ideas.

1. If you don’t have a digital marketing plan, you need one!

More than ever, it’s vital that digital marketing be a big part of your marketing strategy. Your customers are using local searches online to find businesses in their area. The mobile phone is the yellow pages of today.

Letting Google know where you are is super important so you need to go through the pages on your website and intentionally incorporate your city, state, and zip code into your content.

2. Don’t ignore reviews

Positive reviews are low-hanging fruit but where you can really make a mark is in how you respond to negative reviews. First off, DO NOT IGNORE THEM. No one likes responding to negative reviews but if you do it well, you will be showing an almost unlimited audience the character of your business, how much you value customers, and what your temperament is.

3. Have a Referral Program

Again, the key words here are “be intentional”. Be intentional about rewarding people who refer business to you. When you get a referral give them something tangible like:

  • A free pet wash.
  • A free ear cleansing.
  • A discounted haircut.
  • A branded lead with your name on it.

Really what you give isn’t the important thing it’s that you give.

4. Be active in your community

Participating in community events is a low-cost/high-return way to generate goodwill for your business. All other things being equal, consumers are more likely to use a business that is involved in the community than those who are not.